Microcomputer for driving. An embedded system designed to control industrial processes, building automation and many other applications. Designed for a variety of reliable deployments in challenging industrial conditions. Ready to install PLC for easy programming of regulatory systems.
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- Very small dimensions - Wide range of working temperatures - RJ45 integrated socket, external connection can also be used (reduces the height of the module) - Large number of CPU outlets on 3 connectors - Linux operating system  Technical parameters → Dimensions 49x23x18 mm → Power supply 5 V/180 mA → ATMEL ATSAMA5D36 Processor → Memory 512 MB Flash, 256 MB LPDDR2 → Can bus with controller → RTC integrated on dec. → Ethernet 10/100 base software → OS: Linux Debian 4.18 → Communication interface for control: SSH server → Http server: thttpd incl. php → Remote communication: Open VPN → Optional SW: PLC Mervis, PLC GEB

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